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Sveta is based in London and recorded her impressions during the first lockdown of spring and summer in 2020. She is our first guest on the Chronicles. 

Chronicle #1


SVETA is 33 and is Co-Founder & Editorial Director at Wovid Diaries.
She is a true global citizen, speaks 8 languages and is an avid world traveler 🌎


Born in the Soviet Union, she was raised in Moldova.  At age 18, she left Moldova and has since also lived in Amsterdam, Bucharest, Chicago, Mexico City and San Francisco. She has been living in London since 2014.


Works in a global professional services firm and has a Master’s degree in Global Studies from Lund University.
In her spare time, Sveta co-hosts the Millennial Rollercoaster podcast 🎙️🎧 and dances Brazilian Zouk 💃🏽.

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Want to know what it felt like during London's  first lockdown in Spring 2020?

Find out as Sveta tells you all about it in two videos and three recordings.

London #1- COVID-19 first impression

London #1- COVID-19 first impression

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