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Introducing the Chronicles Series

Each voice matters


Zeynep ERDAL

Wovid Diaries Founder &

Executive Director


Sweden, currently living in Malmö, 

but waiting for the borders to open to 

travel the world again. 

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Project manager for Student City Malmö at the Department for Business and External Affairs for both Malmö Stad & Malmö University

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" We aspire to share these inspiring and empowering stories of relatable women with the current and future generations."

Have you ever wondered how women in other parts of the world have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? Are they going through the same experiences as you?

You may have noticed that mainstream media sources are providing a narrow depiction of women’s experiences. So have we! This is how Wovid Diaries started.


We wanted to hear the voices that we traditionally wouldn’t hear in mainstream media. Through this we aspire to share these inspiring and empowering stories of relatable women with the current and future generations.

The WD Chronicle series offers a window into the individual stories of women and sheds light on their nuanced experience. Women from all corners of the world tell us their lived experience in their own words – providing us with an informal and personal insight into their everyday lives and experience of COVID-19. The chronicles create a space to introduce relatable role models to inspire us and bring us closer to each other, reminding us that we are all connected across borders. The more we elevate diverse voices, the more nuances we hope to add, shedding light on women’s experiences.

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